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Food for Life
Welcome to heaven. Your taste buds will never be left unoccupied here in Hong Kong. Be sure to keep a couple of serviette or napkin handy while going through the pictures.

Sweet Dynasty, Tsim Sha Tsui
A must-go restaurant located opposite to the Harbour City Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. If lady luck is with you, chances are you will bump into some famous celebrities.

• Jacelyn Tay, Media Corp. artiste :>

• Sweet Surrender.

• Just happened to pass by this Hard Rock Cafe along the same street.

Hui Lau Shan, Causeway Bay
Over 50 branches in Hong Kong, Hui Lau Shan serves nothing but mouth-watering yet affordable desserts. There are even branches in Singapore, but none in Malaysia :<

• You might just bump into one in any of the busy streets of Hong Kong. This one is in Causeway Bay.

Hui Lau Shan's renowned Mango Lo.

Chau Tau Foo, Tung Choi Street
Tung Choi Street, more commonly known as the "Goldfish Street Market", is the one-stop place for the aquatic pet-lovers, particularly fish and rodents. I bumped into this Chau Tau Foo stall and gave it a try.

• We are at the most crowded area of MongKok.

• Fish, tortoise, fish tanks, water plants... you name it!
• Sam Miguel beer. Think "pool".
• Snacks and fast food anyone?

• My first ever Chau Tau Foo experience.
Hui Lau Shan revisited. This one was to remove my thirst and bad breath courtesy of the Chau Tau Foo.

Curry Fish Balls, Some Street of MongKok
Loitering around MongKok in the middle of the night and ransacked a bowl full of balls from one of the snack stalls.

• Kudos to the ultimate curry sauce, these balls are darn SPICY!

"Sam Pan" Congee & Yau Char Kwai, MongKok
Breakfast, Hong Kong style. This restaurant is managed by all ladies and it's open for business early in the morning serving typical Hong Kong breakfast featuring fresh from the stove Yau Char Kwai or "Twisted Doughnut" and the famous "Sam Pan" Congee (Teng Chai Chuk). Thumb's up!

Yau Char Kwai fresh from the stove! Unlike the ice-cold one over in KL.
• Thousand-year Egg & "Sam Pan" Congee. (Pei Dan Teng Chai Chuk)
• That basket of Yau Char Kwai wanna-be in the middle are actually the so-called "Ox Tongue Crisp" (Ngau Lei Sou).

Häagen-Dazs, The Peak
How about some chilling ice-cream on the top of the Hong Kong Island?

Tsim Chai Kei, Jordan
Typical Hong Kong restaurant serving some of the freshest beaf, Wan Tan and fish ball noodle in town.

• Small shop, BIG balls! This narrowish restaurant has got no washrooms and can only accommodate 5 tables more or less, but serves HUGE slices of beaf, HUMONGOUS dumplings or Wan Tan and GIGANTIC fish balls.

Food Court, Some Shopping Mall
Okay I admit that I was just following. I only know that we were in Tsim Sha Tsui. That seafood on yam flavoured rice looked good, but too much for my appetite.

• Before.
• After.

Café De Coral - Lunch
Café De Coral or Tai Kar Lok (everybody delights?), is like a fast-food version of a traditional Kopitiam (Kopitiam on Adrenaline!). They serve typical local food and drinks on a very efficient concept. Hygiene is top-notch!

• Menu on the wall, you simply decide what you want to eat, order and pay at the register, and collect your food. They even have separate sets of menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pretty efficient.
• Waitresses dressed up like cabin crews.

• Feeling hungry?
• Feeling hungrier?
• It's all mine!

Café De Coral - Breakfast
My very last meal in Hong Kong.

• Tell me where can I find such breakfast 7 in the morning over in KL?

Cheese Fondue, Spaghetti House
Last but not least, the irresistible and unbeatable Swiss Cheese Fondue. In the following pictures you'll witness some mouth watering, jaw dropping, meat dipping and cheese dripping action.

• We had to leave our name on the waiting list and wait for around 20 minutes only to get seated. That captain in black misheard my surname twice: First as Yam of Simon Yam, second as Yung of Joey Yung. ARGHHH...
Teh Ais. Not nice one. (Save it for more fondue and Baguette cubes refill.)

• Mind you, do not drip your saliva onto the keyboard. It ain't spill-proof.

• Inspired by TVB series To Catch the Uncatchable, we were eventually there to taste the legendary Cheese Fondue.
HKD168 (approx. RM84) for a set is reasonable enough and the taste was simply awesome! If you guys feel like trying some, Marché at The Curve has one.

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