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And The Magic Begins...
We kick-started our Hong Kong trip with a visit to the new Disneyland the day after our arrival. I didn't get a good night sleep the night before so I was literally dragging my carcass all the way... pretty much a letdown as visiting Disneyland was supposed to be the main event in the agenda. Thank goodness my stamina was subsequently restored as I indulged further into this mesmerizing wonderland.

• It took a long and tiring 10-minute walk from the carpark to the main entrance... HELP~

• Okay this is NOT the entrance yet. The words on the sighboard basically tell us "Keep walking, my friend. Keep walking."
• Our Miss Tour Leader.

• The ticket booth.
• I thought I saw mickey mousey.
• What? You mean you wanna check our belongings?

• A Mickey-faced parterre and the Disneyland Railroad Station near the main entrance.
• Cute lassies in cute attire selling cute toys and souvenirs.

• Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.

The Musical Fountain
After some queueing and combing we finally got passed the safety gate and entered the world of fantasy. We were greeted by a beautiful musical fountain with statues of the main Disney characters. The Mickey on the surfboard goes UP and DOWN depending on the strength of the water blow.

• Look! Isn't that Mickey and a... whale?
• Stunt Mickey goes airborne.
• Water splashes coordinating the rhythm of the music.

• Pluto having fun with a school of fish.
• Somebody give Goof a hand! His skis and rope are all tangled up.

• Daisy posing for the crowd.
• Minnie and her pet seal.
• And here we have the ill-tempered Donald.
The Fantasyland
A train ride at the entrance took us to this mysterious world of the fantasies. Here you'll see oversized Mickey, Minnie and other famous Disney characters waiting to pose for their fans.

• Can you tell the name of these 3 lovely babes?

• Lunch ala Disney. Everyone was sweating like mad!
• Set lunch: Rice with a GIANT piece of roast pork (yummy), soup and tea-bag. Screw the hot tea, I got myself a chilled Coke instead.

• The Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Official entrance to the Fantasyland.

• Run everybody, run! The sky is falling! (Anyway "Chicken Little" wasn't released yet.)

The Adventureland
Meet the Lion King, Tarzan and his one-of-a-kind tree house in this land full of surprises! Feeling adventurous? Why not take a safary boat ride to the wild. You'll never know what's ahead of and behind ya!

The Tomorrowland
Sit tight and buckle up as Buzz Lightyear takes you for a ride to the world of outer space.

More Disneyland pictures up next...

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